UK Tour VIP 'The Ultimate Experience' Add-On Packages

Steve, the band and the crew can't wait to get back on tour but we need to bear in mind that Covid is still very much with us.

Having taken advice from industry professionals it has been decided that planned 'VIP - The Ultimate Experience' add-on packages should not take place for both the UK & the European tours. Everyone who booked for this event will be receiving a full refund from Sandbag in the very near future.

As many of you know, Steve is usually very happy to sign autographs, pose for photos, etc. whilst on tour but sadly due to Covid things will have to be different this year.

Steve and the band have been advised to avoid all non-essential contact during the tour in order to keep the whole tour party as safe as possible. That means no meet & greet events, no autographs, no photos and no gifts. With that in mind please do not wait by the stage door of the venues or at hotels as this would place Steve and the band in a compromising position.

The UK tour will be our first shows since March 2020 and were Steve or any of the band to test positive it would mean numerous shows would need to be cancelled, disappointing thousands of fans and jeopardising the income for the crew and suppliers who have had little or no work during the pandemic.

There will be items signed by Steve available at the merch stand at every show. Whilst this is disappointing, in the current touring environment it's how things need to be. Your understanding and respect of this situation is very much appreciated.

Thanks for understanding and please stay safe.

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