You Tube Links - Steve Hackett Electric Band - Italy May 2011

Steve Hackett Band - Italy May 2011

Teatro Ciak, Milan - 11th May 2011

Shadow of the Hierophant

Acoustic medley

Blood on the Rooftops

Fly on a Windshield

Firth of Fifth

Estragen, Bologna - 12th May 2011


Fire on the Moon

Ace of Wands

Golden Age of Steam & Watcher of the Skies

Shadow of the Hierophant

Sierra Quemada

Acoustic medley

Take a bow!

Tendastrice, Roma - 13th May 2011

Photo medley

Watcher of the Skies

Carpet Crawlers (featuring the Audience!)

Shadow of the Hierophant

Golden Age of Steam

Acoustic Medley & Blood on the Rooftops

Prairie / Los Endos