Jim McCarty - Sitting on the Top of Time

Jim McCarty - Sitting on the Top of Time

Founder/drummer of The Yardbirds/Renaissance releases
first solo album for 16 years.

Troubadour Label/Easy Action Distribution: Cadiz

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"You can tell a lot of time and care was put into this. It's sparse in parts like Floyd, vocally rich like CSN&Y, orchestral like Renaissance or the Moody Blues and just simply classic, like Jim McCarty" (Matt Parish, US reviewer).


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This beautifully produced and recorded brand new album from Yardbirds and Renaissance founder member, Jim McCarty, is only his second solo album, following on from Out of the Dark in 1993.

Recorded over several sessions in Canada, between June 2006 and April 2008, either before or after US tours with the Yardbirds, McCarty assembled a great roster of players including keyboard player Donald Quan, bassist George Koller (formerly voted top jazz bass player at Canada's Juno awards), and McCarty's long time friend and flute player, Ron Korb. The album also features an expansive contribution on lead guitar from former Genesis member, Steve Hackett, (who had previously recorded with Jim in Box of Frogs in the 1980s), as well as progressive rock/jazz musician Jean-Michel Kajdan. On two of the tracks Lou Pomanti (former pianist with Leonard Cohen) adds his particular rhythmic touch.

"By the time Keith Relf and I left Renaissance (in 1969) I was getting to really enjoy song writing. I began singing too, which was a bit strange, but I have quite got into it! I taught myself how to play guitar chords and a bit of piano. I'd always had a lot of ideas, always heard a lot of things in my head and that got to be quite good. I thought it would be nice to do a whole album of songs that Id written."

Every song on Sitting On The Top of Time was written and sung by McCarty, who also plays acoustic guitar, percussion and drums, with instrumental pieces interspersed throughout highlighting his talent as a composer.