New digital single and second leg of Breaking Waves UK tour in February

It's a great start to 2012 for music fans in the UK, as Steve Hackett gets ready for the second part of his Breaking Waves Tour in February. The occasion will be marked with the release of a digital only single from his current album Beyond the Shrouded Horizon, 'Til These Eyes' on 31st January.

Dates from the first leg of the UK tour were reviewed enthusiastically; 'mesmerizing', 'spine-tingling power and majesty', 'a bravura performance extending well over two hours' are just a few of the words used to describe the dazzling shows. Timeless classics from both Genesis and Hackett's solo catalogue were part of the remarkable set list, flawlessly executed by Steve and his talented band. The current line-up features Lee Pomeroy on bass (Take That) as well as regular band members Roger King (keyboards), Gary O'Toole (drums & vocals), Rob Townsend (Various saxes, flute, whistle and vocals) and Amanda Lehmann (guitar and vocals). Lehmann and O'Toole occasionally took on vocal duties, with tracks like 'Shadow of the Heirophant', made even more precious by Lehmann's feminine touch.

Talking about 'Til These Eyes', the track chosen to be released on 31st January, Steve says: 'Love lost and found. A song about moving on from sadness and pain. The pay-off in the last line of the altered chorus, "Til these eyes have seen enough" becomes "Til these eyes have seen love". I can't help being a newly-wed romantic.'

Critically acclaimed Beyond the Shrouded Horizon is Hackett's 24th studio album, following hot on the heels of Out of the Tunnel's Mouth. It's a progressive journey, deeply personal yet joyous, taking the listener with the ex-Genesis musician, on his quest to make sense of life through music. Exquisite acoustic vignettes and towering rock and orchestral arrangements traverse continents of subject and style and yet the album remains cohesive to the end. 'An extraordinarily diverse and far-reaching album which leaps between genres with vision and vitality. Defiantly impressive', says Classic Rock, while PowerPlay calls it 'a great album from start to finish' and iGuitar recommends to its readers 'a remarkable album from a truly remarkable guitarist'.

Renowned as one of the world's most talented and innovative rock musicians, Hackett made an indelible mark on classic rock as Genesis' lead guitarist in the Seventies; in 1977 he started a prolific solo career, drawing on influences from blues, jazz, classical and ethnic music while being himself recognized as a major influence by countless and diverse guitarists. Hackett pioneered the "tapping" technique that influenced the likes of Eddie Van Halen and other virtuosos. In March 2010, Steve was inducted into the prestigious Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in New York, a public recognition of his stature as both performer and composer.

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