Interview with Steve by Pedro and Steve from Ticino by Night

Q First of all I would like to thank you for the beautiful concert you gave us. No concession to the public in the square, playing only "melodical" music.

A Thank you. I really enjoyed the concert. Lugano is such a breathtakingly beautiful place too.

Q What kind of emotions does it give you playing the Genesis tunes after nearly forty years?

A I enjoy playing good music whenever it was written, particularly the Genesis songs that I had a strong hand in creating. Some of the best things I've ever written was during my time with that band, but I enjoy playing things from all parts of my history. Playing those Genesis songs brings back the past in a most positive way.

Q What do you think about the ever lasting "super-groups" like for example Transatlantic or Asia? If I remember well you didn't have a very good experience with the GTR band...

A I think they're good bands, but my heroes tend to be from an earlier era. I enjoyed the experience with GTR but I feel that some of the best performances we gave were not captured on record or film to my knowledge.

Q In today "progressive" musical panorama is there still space for innovation, and new groups to come, or we are reaching the end of it.
And if there are any, can you tell us some that are worth looking at.

A I'm currently working with Chris Squire on an album that promises to fit the bill of what's best about earlier as well as more modern eras. I've been impressed recently by some of the stuff I've heard recently played by bands like Elbow and Magenta, who I think are both innovative and promise great things for the future.

Q Recently you have recorded with the "INSIDE OUT" label. Why? Is there any particular reason?

A Inside Out are a very good company who really believe in the acts that they sign.

Q At the Estival Jazz you were singing some of the tunes. When you were playing with the Genesis and till the first solo albums, you did not sing. Why you "start late" singing and what is your relation with the vocal instrument now?

A I actually did sing on my first solo album, Voyage of the Acolyte, and also on some old Genesis material - a long version of It's Yourself/Los Endos. I've worked hard on my vocal technique over the years and I get great pleasure singing on current material.

Q What can you tell us about the new album, that will be released in a couple of months (There is any innovation compared to your previous album)?

A I think this album explores the corners of the guitar, in all its glory. As ever it is very varied, each track is totally different to its predecesor. It's a journey within sound, a travelogue through known and unknown places.

Q The ultimate question that all of the Genesis fans make is: When will there be a reunion of the group? And can you make any clearance about it, if there is any.

A I expect it'll happen some time in the not too distant future, if we can get everyone together in the same place at the same time! I still love all the guys and the work we did together. I carry it in my heart always.