All poised for lift off - January 2017

2017 rehearsals - Rob, Roger, Nad and Steve

2017 rehearsals - Rob, Roger, Nad & Steve

It's a challenge for this tour, with the band learning at least seven numbers we've never played before together, including Genesis songs as well as solo. 'One for the Vine' is already sounding incredibly strong and moving... There'll be several Wind and Wuthering numbers to celebrate the 40th anniversary!

The three numbers from The Night Siren are all strong and give a good sense of the album, with its multi-faceted cosmopolitan feel.

The band are on great form, Rob taking on keyboard and percussion work as well as his fabulous range of wind instruments and he and Gary are a dynamic duo when they combine! Gary lays into the drums with renewed gusto, whilst Nick Beggs displays his incredible talent on both bass and twelve string. Roger's huge range of sounds at times gives a symphonic touch and Nad's voice is on fantastic form...

We're all working hard but also having a lot of fun which I believe will transmit as powerfully to everyone on tour.

I'm very excited and looking forward to getting out there... Roll on Minehead, the cruise and the tour beyond - See you all soon!

2017 rehearsals - Rob, Nad, Steve, Roger, Gary and Nick

2017 rehearsals - Rob, Nad, Steve, Roger, Gary and Nick

Steves acoustic session

"The sisters"