Happy Birthday! - February 11

Happy Birthday Steve!

Happy Birthday Steve!

Some Birthday wishes...


Steve once asked me to retrieve something from his attic... you can probably see where this is going already.

In the semi-darkness I stumbled over large jars of Ponds Cold Cream, great vats of Vintage Botox and several boxes of Cliff Richard calendars dating back to 1958. And there, propped against the wall, next to his sequined strawberry stage-jacket, life-size effigy of Andy Stewart and several copies of Health and Efficiency I came face to face with the most frightening and grotesque visage of an old man, ravaged by age and life's vicissitudes.

Through veils of fear and utter desperation, two questions roamed my soul: Who put that mirror there? And just HOW does Steve look so young?

Happy Birthday, Steve!

Nick C



Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to y...

...bah fooey. Frankly, I don't fully understand why you're still keeping count - everything past 40 has been an amnesiac fog for me.

Seriously, though, keep going old chum - I'm just beginning to get the hang of this music stuff and I need the work.




Happy Birthday Steve. Funny things birthdays - they mark the passing of time though I always think of you as being incredibly youthful in vibe and especially in humour, always up for whatever weirdness is going on! Maybe making music is the fountain of youth? Going on tour is always great fun with a brilliant "school trip" feel to it. Everyone regresses to an age closer to their UK shoe size which can only be a good thing! Some unruly elements make a bee-line for the back of the bus, there's a palpable sense of excitement and no one's shouting "you boy, tuck that shirt in". Stage time is, of course, treated with professionalism but there's also lots of laughter and more left-field weirdness is never far away.

Maybe this is to do with musicians "playing" all the time - pretty much like kids. And given that you've been playing for longer, that makes you more of a kid than any of us!

Come one everybody - "Haaapppy biiirrrthday tooo yoooouuu, haaapppy biiirrrthday tooo yoooouu...

lots of love




"Crystal fountains, Peter Pan stares, over the landscape"

And, like Peter Pan, with each birthday Steve doesn't seem to get any older, and remains youthful in spirit too! All best wishes for a very happy birthday, Steve, and a rockin' year ahead :-)




Click here for my Happy Birthday message!

Nick Beggs




Dear Steve,

You can't win. No matter how many birthdays you have, you're never going to be older than me. Just take comfort in that ..... and a large glass of port!

Have a great birthday!




At this time of an extraordinary burst of musical activity, you enter a door on the magical Angel's Prairie to celebrate your birthday with family. You well deserve every good wish. You're as caring about everyone as much as you're creatively inspired. You are special. Have a wonderful birthday Steve.

With love from me to you