Out of the Tunnel and into the Living Room - September 09

Steve, Chris, Roger, Rob

From the Top:
- Roger, Chris & Steve -
- Roger piloting the Apple Mac -
- Steve creating -
- Rob & Roger -

This year has been full of problems turned into unique solutions and triumphs out of disasters.

Because of on-going disputes with my ex-partners I stopped working in the studio. Initially it felt like a daunting task facing the construction of a professional album in the living room of my new flat... But I took on the challenge whilst Roger King met my determination with his expertise and innovative thinking, galvanising stunning technology now available. At one time in the days of large amps and mixing desks it would have been impossible, but Roger's Apple Mac computer is like Dr. Who's Tardis, as are my tiny Sans Amps. Micro-technology now can create extraordinary sounds, some of which give the impression that we're filling the Albert Hall with more than those famous holes! The album evolved in an organic way with the core writing team of myself plus partner Jo on lyrics along with Roger developing tremendously rich and varied soundscapes.

Several people, including Chris Squire, Anthony Phillips, Rob Townsend, John Hackett, Dick Driver, Christine Townsend, Lauren King and Jo made their contributions in the room. There was also some great location work. Nick Beggs recorded all of his bass tracks at home, Manda Lehmann did her vocals at hers, whilst Ferenc Kovacs of Djabe recorded his gypsy violin at the Gramy studio in Budapest. All the sleepers sent their dreams back to the living room, where they were all assimilated as if a whole heavenly host of us had been playing together.

I think you'll find the overall effect is as thrilling as it sounds to the team who made it. We feel that it sounds bigger than anything we’ve done before and can't wait to get your feedback on it...

Out of the Tunnel’s Mouth will be released on 5 October.