Dad's passing - August 13

My father, Peter, passed yesterday at the age of 85. He'd suffered from Parkinson's for over twenty years.

In his youth he'd been very active, amongst other things paratrooper and footballer. A prolific artist, he invented a technique for bass relief.

Most of all he was a wonderful man, a friend to all those that knew him and always ready to lend a helping hand. He was a real gentleman in every sense.

He passed on the gift of music to both my brother John and me and was very encouraging. He gave me my first harmonica and first guitar. He was able to pick out a tune on most instruments and was a great inspiration.

A self made man in an era when people followed rules of others, he was a master of his own environment. I always admired my Dad with his quiet strength, brilliant mind and eye.

I feel he's now in a better place, but I will always miss him.