A Midsummer Night's Dream - April 13

Steve Hackett - A Midsummer Night's Dream re-released

Steve Hackett - A Midsummer Night's Dream re-released
Photo © Mark Bourdillon

I'm thrilled that EMI is re-releasing this album.

I felt 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' was the most poetic title of all Shakespeare's plays, and I wrote the pieces with the text in mind. I love the sound of classical guitar with orchestra. I knew that orchestra would enlarge the themes and work as a kind of bed, plus emblazon a trail for pieces such as In the Beached Margent of the Sea, Starlight, Mountains turned into Clouds and Celebration.

The Royal Philharmonic orchestra are world class. The orchestra members and I were genuinely thrilled to be working with each other. Roger King sketched much of it out with me. It was my cousin Matt Dunkley's first chance to conduct a major orchestra and he crafted the final score. He did a fantastic job and has since worked on many major film soundtracks.

Nick Bailey of Classic FM chose it as his album of the year and it graced the classical charts for a couple of months. I'll always be proud of this album.


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