Factory fires burning bright - March 13

Band rehearsal

Band rehearsal

Steve, Rob, Nad and Roger

Steve, Rob, Nad & Roger

It's been an active week, with band rehearsals for the Genesis Revisited world tour, plus attending shows... Jo and I enjoyed Steven Wilson's powerful and atmospheric Festival Hall gig, and it was great to join Transatlantic and the Flower Kings at the Electric Ballroom, Camden for the Transatlantic encore number...

Band rehearsals took off in a big way from the start...The spirit of Genesis kicked in and fired up all the instruments. Nad's voice immediately took on that Genesis timbre, whilst maintaining his own individuality. All the band members have created the same balance, remaining true to the original but adding something of their own which gives it all that extra special spice and energy. It's exciting and thrilling to see it all coming together.

One week to go and then a brief break before lift-off on the cruise!

Ben and Tigger

Ben & Tigger

Brian, Gary, Rob, Lee and Steve

Brian, Gary, Rob, Lee & Steve

Steve joins Transatlantic with Flower Kings for encore

Steve joins Transatlantic with Flower Kings for encore
Photo © Ben Fenner

You Tube footage of the Transatlantic encore