Light Out Of Dark - June 2021

Surrender of Silence

I'm thrilled to have completed my new upcoming album 'Surrender of Silence'. As with 'Under A Mediterranean Sky', it was recorded during Lockdown, but this one took a totally different direction. Whilst the acoustic album gently featured a virtual journey around the magical Mediterranean, this rock offering is like an explosion of light out of dark times.

I felt moved to plug into powerhouse guitar, accompanied by Roger King's hefty keys, Rob Townsend's soaring sax, Jonas Reingold's full-throated bass and thunderous drums from Craig Blundell, Nick D'Virgilio and Phil Erhart. Social and environmental issues of concern shoot out of the maelstrom, along with those pesky sharks that demanded to be included on the album. One track depicting pure evil, The Devil's Cathedral, involves the whole touring band including Nad Sylvan on vocals.

But alongside the wild eruption of sound, is still the yen to travel to all parts of the earth including Africa, China, the Himalayas, the Middle East and Russia with my oriental harp, musicians from Tajikistan and Azerbaijan, Christine Townsend's ethereal strings, and Amanda Lehmann's beautiful vocals along with mine.

With the nebula-inspired image on the cover, this album is like a bright blaze ignited from the void, the release of spirit in uncertain times.

Welcome to Surrender of Silence...